Waikiki Surf School

Ohana is connection and respect — and it’s what makes OSP truly different

Ohana means family. People that are bound together in mutual care and support where members cooperate and remember one another.

Surfing has solidified it’s spot in Hawaiian culture. It’s a spiritual experience more than a sport in this culture.

There are countless surf schools and surf lessons in Waikiki…

And then there’s Ohana Surf Project — your surfing ohana. To the staff instructors here at OSP, you are an extension of our family.

This is not a business venture…. it’s our life journey. 

Because you are ohana, you and your family are our family.

Because you are ohana … 

  • we create meticulous surfing lessons that consider your growth and personal development in a sport that we love
  • we plan and practice for your safety in the water
  • our surfing instruction combines physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of surfing togive you the ultimate learning experience.

Make no mistake about it: Our instructors are surfing experts—accomplished and experienced. Our teaching methods follow best-practices in the industry. And our rates are competitive with the going-rate for surfing instruction and services. Our Waikiki Surf School instructors are multinational, bilingual surfing experts with decades of experience, a passion for teaching, and a dedication to the sport and its culture.

But, because you are ohana — an extension of our family, to be cared for, to be remembered, to be supported, and to be valued — your surfing experience with us will reflect those values. Come check out Hawaii’s best Waikiki Surf School.

And that level of respect is a client service that you simply can’t put a price on.

Welcome to the Ohana Surf Project family — we’re so glad you’re here.

Waikiki Surf School